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Bay Hills Blues – Wheat
Our easy-drinking blueberry wheat carries a nuance of berries that perfectly complements its light wheat malt textures. Not too sweet, with a pleasing clean finish.
ABV: 4.9%
ibu: 9
Captain Blood Orange – Wheat
Our easy-drinking orange wheat carries a nuance that perfectly complements its light wheat malt textures. Not too sweet, with a pleasing clean finish.
ABV: 4.9%
ibu: 9
Blue Bloods Fusion – Wheat
A combination of our two bestselling beers Blueberry and Blood Orange gives you a full body fusion flavor for anyone’s palate.
ABV: 4.9%
ibu: 9
The Patriot – Nathan Hale
A pale ale featuring American Amarillo and Centennial hops with a subtle orange zest notes and malted character for a smooth savory finish
ABV: 5%
ibu: 16
Heckscher Park Helles – Lager

A Helles or Hell is a traditional German pale lager beer, produced chiefly in Southern Germany, particularly Munich. The German word hell can be translated as bright, light, or pale.  Made with Sterling hops.

ABV: 5.2%
ibu: 18
“Buddy’s” Golden Lager
Traditional German, strawlike color, this is a wonderful, subtle and easy session beer that is low in bitterness and light in body. Expect broad, sweet flavors and a light grainy malt character. It is slightly dry, while not as sharp as most lagers. Enjoy a brilliant but soft finish.
ABV: 4.8%
ibu: 25
Barley Dog Brown – Ale
The other half of the “B Brothers. This brown ale is a simple beer with New Zealand pale matt and German carapils grains. Hints of chocolate from the roosted grain with a drop of vanilla bean added to provide a smooth creamy flavor. Barley hopes to hold up to his big brother Buddy in beer styles.
ABV: 5.4
ibu: 28
Centerport Pilsner
With perfect golden color, this traditional favorite offers a floral hop and delicate spice aroma. You’ll find a crisp palate and a subtle floral flavor with a sweet grain finish over hints of beautiful lingering bitterness. Dry hopping with Motueka ensures a brilliant finish. This is the perfect easy drinking beer.
ABV: 5.2
ibu: 32
Don’t Touch your IPA – East Coast IPA
A spin on a classic East Coast style IPA. This IPA is well balanced between malts and hops. Double dry hopped with: Simco, Amarillo and Centenial. Classic clear completion with no haze that the original east coast IPA had. Brings a nice citrus/tropical smell and flavor to your palette while you drink it down.
ABV: 6.8
ibu: 48
H3- Huntington Harbor Hoppy – DIPA
This double IPA brings a gentle hop experience by way of Simco, Mozaic and Centenial hops, resulting in an even handed interplay with its three malts. Round and smooth!
ABV: 7.2
ibu: 78
Wölffer Estates Hard Cider
Made with upstate New York apples. These dry white and rosé ciders come in at ABV: 6.2 %.
ABV: 6.2
Po Boy Hard Cider – Po Boy Brewery, Port Jefferson Station, NY

Various flavors, ask your server what’s on tap today.  Po Boy Brewery, Port Jefferson Station, NY.

ABV: 6.2